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Knowledge is the most valuable property of every organization. We care about the knowledge and expand it as well as the boundaries of its application.

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Our activities



From us teached and guaranteed subjects are oriented on technology and procedures from the field of Business Informatics, Data Management, Process Management and Information Systems. In the education we apply the principles of Project Management, we place great emphasis on soft skills abilities and we appropriately involved in it many of our external partners, too.

Final theses

With our research activities and real projects we can offer to students interesting topics focused on Process Management, Information Management and Knowledge Management. Of course, we would like to lead theses of students with their own unique topics which reflect our focus. Finally, we support and cover selected topics of our partners.

Additional activities

University education must be comprehensive and professional. In most cases, it does not provide sufficient space for the development of certain advanced practical knowledge and skills. Therefore, we organize various additional meetings and workshops with external experts that enable students to acquire and practically test the specific knowledge and technology. A key role is played by direct and immediate feedback from experienced professionals.


Projekty CZM

Our knowledge and skills are practically applied through a variety of projects in area of the Czech Technical University, research centers, other universities and other industrial partners. We are engaged in analysis and design of technological solutions, mapping and optimizing processes, computerization of processes, training, and implementation of information systems and their insertion into organizational processes. In the implementation of projects are engaged the best students and graduates of The Czech Technical University through an internship in The Center of Knowledge Management. More about projects


In our Center of Knowledge Management we are interested in applied research in the field of process control and interconnection of the information technology and business world. Based on many years of our practical experience we try to find, through Process Management, opportunities to improve working and evaluation organizations in different environments and under different conditions. Our main goal is to explore ways of capturing the organization's activities for the purpose of continuous improvement and increasing management efficiency. There is a list of the key research activities:

Researching of support and management processes in the university environment, including the possibility of measuring of quality.

Creating a process model of university. Finding ways to deploy process management in an academic environment.

Collaboration on research of methods for describing processes with the Center for Conceptual Modeling and Implementation of the Faculty of Information Technology of The Czech Technical University

Finding the link between the method of real options and cloud technologies.


Our partners

Through our partners we offer the view into real world of business and and information technology, opportunities to gain experience, possibilities for expansion of education and prospect of personal development to students The main partner of the center is IBM company. Regarding this key partnership with this company we managed to build a strong academic background and therefore, we develop our cooperation in education and projects for long time.

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For students

Win new knowledge and experience. Be a step forth, join our team of interns and participate on real projects on the ground of the Czech Technical University. Our doors are always open.


For partners

Cooperate with us in teaching, projects or research and get a strong and reliable partner. We like to get involved in interesting projects and we always strive for cooperation, which is mutually beneficial.


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